about us

Forget about those stale, cookie-cutter designs that you see repeated ad infinitum across the web; Global Vision isn’t in the business of repeating what we’ve already seen. We believe in unique creation and breaking from the established order - without emptying your bank account. With ten years of experience and over 300 web development projects under our belts, we’re creating a legacy of success fueled by our ability to provide innovative, effective digital design for every industry.

Our elite team of developers and designers living and working around the world can offer you a truly global perspective and aesthetic. With offices in Moscow, Vilnius, Chicago, and our home office in Kiev, we’re harnessing the talents of local experts to create remarkable designs without borders or boundaries. This satellite structure allows Global Vision to spearhead innovative projects at a fraction of the cost of our major competitors and provide solutions for big ideas (without requiring a big budget).



When a new project lands on our desks, we assign it to a hand-picked group of designers or developers who have the skills to meet your needs. Before we begin, we’ll get in-depth knowledge of what you’d like to achieve. Whether you want remarkable, responsive web design or visually stunning branding materials, we’ll create a detailed outline of your goals and specifications.

Even if you aren’t sure what you’d like to accomplish, we can work with you to pinpoint your needs and create solid goals for the future. Once we begin your project, we’ll assign an experienced project manager to the helm, so your team will always stay on task and on budget.



We’re unique - just like you. We recognize there’s no boilerplate solution for every business, so we’ve structured Global Vision to cater to highly original business models. With our global offices and diverse staff, we have international web development down to a science.

We can accomplish any task large or small, whether you’d simply like a few updated features, a new corporate identity, or an entirely original website. Our designs are not only visually appealing, but highly effective. With a responsive architecture, tailored SEO, and a unique design, your website will be a league above the competition.



Our satellite offices not only allow you access to a highly responsive team of experts, but they also cut down on the cost of conceptualizing and realizing high-quality, custom designed projects. Our home office in Kiev, Ukraine offers the same amazing services as our international offices, but at a much lower cost. These different branches allow for seamless project coordination with our technical department, for faster service and lower fees.